About Us

s_4EdExamining was founded in 2009 by Antionette F. Essien who was inspired after reading Paulo Freier’s book, Pedagogy of The Oppressed, who analyzed education, philosophically, socially, politically and economically, when explaining learning theories. For her this combined analytical approach is the embodiment for establishing EdExamining. While our methodology vary from company to company, EdExamining use instruments designed for comprehensively assessing and analyzing education solutions.

EdExamining is an international consulting company rooted within a multiethnic environment. It bring together a team of education experts offering a comprehensive analysis of local and global edification. Our affiliates comprise of national and international universities, public, private schools, business, corporate universities, and for-profit-providers of educational service to bring about a collaborate environment that foster and promote partnerships through multicultural and cross-cultural concerns. Through these initiatives EdExamining cultivates, leadership, research, internationalization, globalization, and other educational issues of local and worldwide significance.